Backup Solutions ensures that your data is safe, private, and accessible only by your authorized personnel.

 Your confidential log-on username and password automatically prevent anyone from accessing your account and files from a different computer.

 Data is encrypted using the most effective Triple DES Encryption. No unauthorized individuals can view your data once it is sent from your system to Backup Solutions backup server.

 Backup Solutions features a highly reliable “firewall” backed with fail-over capabilities (i.e., if one firewall goes down, a second automatically takes over).

 Backup Solutions web server has an SSL certificate (certified for secure and authenticated electronic transactions).

 Backup Solutions data center is protected by a state-of-the-art security system.

 All of your data on our servers is backed up twice more in its encrypted format.

 A tape is stored in our data center vault, and a CD is stored securely offsite.

 At your direction, Backup Solutions can disable anyone from backing up or restoring files on your account.

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